Receive loan instantly – means and opportunities

There are these very special moments or phases in life when you simply need the financial help of others – the reasons for this are as numerous as the sand at the sea, in the best case simply consist of the need to unite certain wish to be fulfilled , and in the worst case from the fact that a real financial emergency situation has arisen which now has to be bridged. But where do you get cash, if possible immediately and without the bureaucracy’s grinders having to grind slowly?

Online instant loans

Online instant loans

Most people actually think of borrowing about financial aid – basically not a bad idea, but borrowing is often only uncomplicated in theory. First of all, it is of course inevitable that the borrower has sufficient creditworthiness for the loan approval – “sufficient” means that his income allows him to pay the loan installments in addition to his regular expenses.

In order to be able to evaluate this at all, it is necessary to provide the bank or the credit agency with bank statements, a copy of the ID card, a copy of the employment contract and usually also salary slips from the past few months, whereby each bank has different requirements that arise however explain in the course of the application. As a rule, the self-employed, the unemployed, pensioners, housewives, schoolchildren and students are excluded from instant online credit, depending on whether it is a non-credit-free instant loan, granted by a foreign bank and offered through a credit agency, or a loan from one bank.

However, it does not necessarily have to be the case that it is actually a cash loan – one should pay attention to it from the beginning as an applicant, at least if it is important that the possibility exists that the loan can be paid out by post – in which In this case, you go to the post office counter with an identity card and, if necessary, additional documents or documents, where one of the post officials hands over the cash.

Alternatives to bank loans

Alternatives to bank loans

For people who urgently need money, but who do not have sufficient creditworthiness to be able to exist as a borrower in the eyes of the banks, the information above is of course almost worthless – this group of people also becomes so-called social lending platforms have little luck with the application. But are there still ways and means apart from the banks and savings banks when it comes to raising capital?

Of course, you could try to get a private loan or a short-term loan from your family or friends – it is advisable, in the mutual interest, to have a loan agreement that shows the date, borrower, lender, amount of loan and methods of repayment, even if you know each other well and trust each other.

If there is really a need, you should go to the social welfare office, because those who have no money to cover their daily basic needs will be helped there. It is also possible that the office will arrange for an advance payment, since the requests for help from the state always take a little longer. In general, in the case of financial difficulties or in certain situations, you have the option of receiving financial help from the office or state: this applies to employees as well as to housewives, schoolchildren, trainees, the self-employed, pensioners or students .

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